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Remarks on Vinyl Carbonate

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Remarks on Vinyl Carbonate

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Remarks on vinyl carbonate, Cardura E9-11 can also be used as reactive diluent for metal coatings, giving the required viscosity and suitable drying speed. Organotin soap with Tertiary carbonate can also be used as an active component of acrylic antifouling coatings. The bottom coating made of tertiary copper carbonate is better than organotin compound in tensile strength and elongation. In addition, Tertiary carbonate is an ideal drier for coatings due to its strong solubility. The tertiary carbonated soap drier has the advantages of fast drying speed and high film hardness. Among the driers abroad, various soaps with tertiary carbonation account for a certain proportion. 4.3 Trimethylacetic acid tert-butyl peroxide is an effective initiator for the polymerization of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, styrene, ethylene and acrylate. It is more stable than other peroxide initiators, and can be used in various pH aqueous solutions and at low temperatures. If used as initiator of vinyl chloride polymerization, the polymerization can be initiated at less than 70 C (low temperature polymerization can improve product performance and color).

Remarks on Vinyl Carbonate