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The Concept of Diethyl Carbonate

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The Concept of Diethyl Carbonate

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The concept of diethyl carbonate (CAS:105-58-8, English name: Diethyl carbonate) is a dicarbonate of ethanol, which is colorless and clear liquid at room temperature. They are mainly used as solvents for cellulose nitrate, resins and some medicines (such as erythromycin), as well as intermediates for organic synthesis (such as phenobarbital and pyrethroids). It can also be used in the electrolyte of lithium batteries.

Diethyl carbonate CAS 105-58-8 molecular weight 118.13 Molecular formula C5H1003 EINECS 212-786-4 melting point-43 boiling point 126-128 lit., density 0.975 g/mL at 25 C (lit.) flash point 31.1 vapor pressure 10 mm Hg (23.8 C)


1 physicochemical constants

2 safety terminology

3 risk terminology

4 environmental impact

Health hazards

Toxicological data and environmental behavior

5 monitoring methods

6 emergency response

Emergency treatment of leakage

Protective measures

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7 physical properties

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Physical and chemical constants editing

GB number

Thirty-three thousand six hundred and eight

CAS number


Chinese name

Ethyl Carbonate

English name

Diethyl carbonate; ethyl carbonate


Ethyl carbonate

Molecular formula


Appearance and character

Colorless liquid, slightly odorous

molecular weight

One hundred and eighteen point one three

Vapor pressure

Flash point of 1.33kPa/23.8 ~C: 25 ~C

Melting / boiling point

-43 C / 125.8 C


It is insoluble in water and soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohols, ketones and esters.


Relative density (water = 1) 0.98; Relative density (air = 1) 4.07



Specific heat capacity 1.79KJ/(kg.K), 15~30C, constant pressure)

Danger label

7 (flammable liquid)

Main uses

Used as solvents and in organic synthesis

English Name: Diethyl carbonate; Carbonic acid, diethyl ester; Ethyl carbonate; arbonic ether; dec; diatol; diethyl ester kyseliny uhlicite; diethylkarbonat; ethoxyformic anhydride

Colorless liquid, slightly odorous; vapor pressure 1.33 kPa/23.8 C; flash point 25 C; melting point - 43 C; boiling point 125.8 C; solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ketone, ester; density: relative density (water = 1) 1.0; relative density (air = 1) 4.07; stability: hazard marker 7 (flammable liquid, etc.) Main uses: as solvents and in organic synthesis