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Development of Methyl Ethyl Carbonate

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Development of Methyl Ethyl Carbonate

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With regard to the development of methyl ethyl carbonate, in the course of its development, the company has continuously intensified technological reform, optimized product structure, and enhanced product added value, so as to form two series of products, synthetic ammonia and carbonate. Moreover, the company's synthetic ammonia products and carbonate products are interlinked. For example, propylene carbonate is produced by propylene oxide and carbon dioxide, dimethyl carbonate by methanol and propylene carbonate, diethyl carbonate by dimethyl carbonate and ethanol, and methyl ethyl carbonate by dimethyl carbonate and diethyl carbonate. The comprehensive utilization of resources has greatly improved the market competitiveness of products and created the best economic benefits.

The chain product structure of the company not only conforms to the national industrial policy of "circular economy and sustainable development" put forward by the 16th National Congress, but also conforms to the policy of "improving the efficiency of resource utilization, reducing material consumption, protecting the ecological environment, insisting on saving development, clean development, safe development and realizing sustainable development" put forward by the 5th Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee. The industrial orientation is in line with the 3R principle of circular economy (reduction, reuse and recycling) formulated by the United Nations and the European Union. It is also the most scientific, rational and economical mode of enterprise operation and development under the conditions of modern market economy. It is unique in the domestic and international industries.

II. Technical Advantages of the Company

In the process of development, the company has always adhered to the product and technology development strategy of combining production, learning and research. Now it has established a long-term and stable "production, learning and research" partnership with many universities and scientific research institutes. The company has its own laboratory, new products, new technology research and development capabilities in the industry is in a leading position, at the same time, it has the ability to quickly transform new technologies, new products into productivity.

The company attaches great importance to the construction of independent intellectual property rights, and has successfully applied for 10 patents since 2005. It has successfully developed a number of high-tech new products with good market prospects, including VC, CHB, CEC, diphenyl carbonate, bis (trichloromethyl) carbonate, quaternary ammonium salt, guaiacol and so on. In early 2007, the company successfully developed a new polycarbonate production process with independent intellectual property rights, and applied for a patent. The pilot test has been preliminarily completed and the data preparation stage for industrial scale-up design has begun. The production process has the advantages of low investment, low cost, and the investment of the same scale is only one third of that of GE Company in the United States. The product quality index is basically the same as GE Company. It has strong market competitiveness and broad market prospects.

In 1996, the company independently developed the production process of dimethyl carbonate transesterification, which has the advantages of non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-polluting, high conversion rate, high quality index and low cost. It is a high-tech environmental protection technology with advanced international level. Because of the advanced nature of this technology, it has been awarded the second prize of Tangshan Science and Technology Progress, the second prize of Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress, and the third prize of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China for Science and Technology Progress. In 1999, it won the Gold Prize of Chemical Products at the International Chemical Industry Exposition, and in 2001, it won the title of China's International Famous Brand Commodity. Up to now, the company has completed the technology transfer of two 10,000 tons of dimethyl carbonate and its supporting propylene carbonate units, and has realized the successful operation of technical capital.

Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is an environmental friendly chemical product which has attracted wide attention at home and abroad in recent years. Dimethyl carbonate is widely used in medicine, pesticides, synthetic materials, dyes, lubricants, food flavoring agents, electronic chemicals and other fields due to its excellent properties. Dimethyl carbonate can also be used as raw material to develop and prepare a variety of fine special chemicals with high added value; it is a kind of high performance and high efficiency. Solvents can effectively replace benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetone and other solvents, but also widely used as gasoline and diesel additives, advanced solvents, high-energy lithium battery electrolyte and liquid crystal display liquid. Therefore, in 1992, dimethyl carbonate passed the registration of non-toxic chemicals in Europe. The products are called green chemicals, and they are known as the "new cornerstone" of organic synthesis in the 21st century. The market demand is increasing at the rate of 20% annually, and the market development prospects are extremely broad.

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